Monday, 5 November 2007

Ubuntu 7.10 sluggified my laptop

Upgrading my Acer laptop from Ubuntu 7.04 (aka "Bibbly Bobbly") to 7.10 (aka "Sniggly Snoggly") significantly downgraded its GUI performance. It now takes twice as long to boot the laptop. It takes five times as long to bring up the desktop after log-in. Starting Firefox takes a millenium. I didn't even get the promised 3D Desktop jingle-jangle. All I got were some lousy desktop icons.

Furthermore, something happened to the networking, and it now takes quite a while for the poor thing to find the Internets. All together, this means that I have to get up no less than 2.5 minutes earlier each day, to meet my busy schedule.

Unsnappiness 2.0, and I want my money back!

However, when I nikoloogle for people with a similar experience, all I find is people going "Wooah, I got better performance with Ubuntu 7.10!". One wonders, I'm I alone in this?

Well, maybe not everyone praised its superior performance:


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