Friday, 16 May 2008

Scala one-liner for upcasing lines of text

The following is a Scala script that up-cases each line of an UTF8 encoded input file (args(0)) and prints the result to standard output:



Source.fromFile(args(0), "UTF8").getLines.foreach(line => print(line.toUpperCase))

If you're trusting the default character encoding to work for you, you may reduce it to:


Source.fromFile(args(0)).getLines.foreach(line => print(line.toUpperCase))

Another way to do it, is to read the lines into an iterator, using the iterator's .map method to upcase each line:


val lines = Source.fromFile(args(0))


A Java programmer may be relieved (or horrified) to learn that Scala does not have any checked exceptions. There are only runtime exceptions, and you don't need to add any try/catch statements if you don't want to.

When you run a Scala script, you can instruct the Scala interpreter to compile the script, and use the compiled version (a jar file) if it's younger than the source-file. This gives better performance (shorter start-up, etc). You use the savecompiled command line argument.

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