Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Scala: The Map += method expects a Tuple: += ((k, v))

In Scala, you use the += method to add a key-value pair to a Map. The key-value pair should be in the form of a Tuple, or a Pair. You can use different syntax for such pairs: ("year", 2008), "year" -> 2008, Tuple2("year", 2008) or Pair("year", 2008):

scala> ("year",2008) == "year" -> 2008
res0: Boolean = true

scala> "year" -> 2008 == Pair("year", 2008)
res1: Boolean = true

scala> Pair("year", 2008) == Tuple2("year", 2008)
res2: Boolean = true

Thus, a few different but equal ways of adding a key-value pair to a Map:

scala> val map = new scala.collection.mutable.HashMap[String,Int]
map: scala.collection.mutable.HashMap[String,Int] = Map()

scala> map += (("year",2008)) //Notice the parentheses
scala> map += ("year" -> 2008)
scala> map += Pair("year",2008)
scala> map += Tuple2("year", 2008)

However, this one fails, because of missing parentheses:

scala> map += ("year",2008)
:6: error: type mismatch;
found : java.lang.String("year")
required: (String, Int)

You can check out, e.g., this and this thread on the Scala mailing list.

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