Friday, 12 December 2008

Scala: Reading a tab separated file into a Map (first attempt)

Below is my first attempt, in Scala, at reading a tab separated file into a map, where the first and second fields of the input file make up the key-value pairs.

There are probably better ways of doing it, but the following seems to work:

val keyValuePairs =, "UTF8")"\t", -1))
.map(fields => fields(0) -> fields(1)).toList

val map = Map(keyValuePairs : _*)

The keyValuePairs:_* stuff is a way to call a variable length argument, the constructor of (the immutable) Map, with a list (keyValuePairs).

I'm pretty sure that there are neater ways of doing it. Furthermore, the above snippet does not do any sensible error checking or input validation (such as skipping empty line, for instance).

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