Friday, 25 April 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 revitalised my laptop, but I'm still not happy...

Ah, I just did a clean install of Ubuntu 8.04 (aka "Gniffly Gnaffly") on my Acer laptop. The net update failed, so I had to burn an install CD. I didn't mind, however, since last time I did an upgrade of the laptop, something strange happened, and it became incredibly slow.

With Ubuntu 8.04 installed, the laptop is back on track. It starts fast, and everything (that I care about) seems to work.

The first things to do after install, are to change the desktop background image (the default depicts an oil-drenched dead bird?), turn off the system sounds including the beep and turn off all visual effects.

Update: No! Ubuntu still doesn't behave well. It turns out, that sometimes when I turn off the laptop, it isn't turned off correctly! Ubuntu goes down, the screen gets black, but still, the laptop is not properly turned off (both the indicator that the computer is on, and the indicator that the hard drive is working keep glowing...). Gah.

Furthermore, I've noticed some instances of ill-boding flickering of the screen.

Maybe it is time to go back to Debian.


BuggyDE said...


Did you find a solution to this issue? I seem to be having the same problem but can not find a fix.

Nikolaj Lindberg said...

Hi BuggyDE,

no, I'm afraid I wasn't able find any useful information or a solution to this problem. Eventually I gave up, and installed Debian "etch" instead of Ubuntu 8.04 :-(

(There is nothing wrong with Debian, but I'd much rather have a working Ubuntu on my laptop.)

BuggyDE said...

Shame :( I will just have to go back to fiesty thanks for the reply.